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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

the Prophet s.a.w told us, the one who points to something good gets the same reward as the one did the good deeds itself. share the goodness if you benefited from this talks in this videos. share it with friends and families. get the word out." - NAK

"the first you should be thinking about in Ramadhan is the Quran. Month of the Quran. It is the month in which the celebration oh the whole month, the entire ceremony of fasting. all of it has to do with Quran."

"for us, our month of constitutional celebration when we are inaugurated as a nation. that is our month, the month of Ramadhan."

"you get so close to the Quran in this month and really make it like it is running through your bloodstream "

"once we become people of Quran in Ramadhan, we are going to carry its mission out, we are going to be rejuvenated with its passage. we are going to take it out to everybody else and show them the clear proves of the guidance and the criteria, the distinction between right and wrong inspired by this book. that's what the purpose of Ramadhan is. to get the ummah back on its track"

"the point of Ramadhan is you will be grateful
the point of fasting is you will get Taqwa"


lets share the goodness ^^

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